For my first Intro to maya assignment I had to take a photograph and model the image in 3D. Here are my results!
(The photograph is on the left; my 3D render is on the right.)

do it and leave

I probably could have kept working on this one a little longer, but it’s time to move on to the next! This is the first time I implemented Final Gathering and Global Illumination successfully [hopefully]. It’s also the first time I textured in 3D, which was pretty cool. MudBox is fairly basic, but can be super helpful for setting up bump & spec maps quickly.

Over the next 3 or so weeks (yikes! the term is almost over!) I’ll be building my second 3D interior, based on concept art rather than a photograph this time. The modeling is pretty much done on that one…. stay tuned for the results! ­čÖé