Los Angeles, CA

Ashley is originally from Dartmouth, MA. She's received her BFA from UMass Amherst in Studio Art and a certificate in Visual Effects from Gnomon School of VFX in Hollywood.

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Mabel and Dipper’s Bedroom – Gravity Falls

I’ll be finishing up at Gnomon School in a few weeks with a shiny new reel… I’m excited to share one of the projects!
I’ve been watching and have been a big fan of the show Gravity Falls (created by Alex Hirsch) and decided to build Mabel and Dipper’s attic bedroom from the show. As a lighter, I’ve been wanting to experiment with one landscape or interior in different times of day or seasons, and I thought this scene would be the perfect fit. The following is the result…. hope you like!

Gravity Falls Bedroom Collage

Gravity Falls Bedroom Collage

Software used: Maya, Marvelous Designer, Mari, & Nuke.