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Orange Jeep Wrangler

I’m finally getting around to posting the Jeep Wrangler I modeled back in Hard Surface Modeling 1! I’m responsible for all aspects of this project, including footage and HDRi creation.
I shot some footage, so I’ll get around to tracking this shot soon, but here’s a still image for now.

Software used: Maya, V-Ray, PFTrack, & Nuke.

Here’s an image of a real car driving by that I used for light reference:

HDRi preview thumbnail:

Gravity Falls Bedroom

Mabel and Dipper’s Bedroom – Gravity Falls

I’ll be finishing up at Gnomon School in a few weeks with a shiny new reel… I’m excited to share one of the projects!
I’ve been watching and have been a big fan of the show Gravity Falls (created by Alex Hirsch) and decided to build Mabel and Dipper’s attic bedroom from the show. As a lighter, I’ve been wanting to experiment with one landscape or interior in different times of day or seasons, and I thought this scene would be the perfect fit. The following is the result…. hope you like!

Gravity Falls Bedroom Collage
Gravity Falls Bedroom Collage

Software used: Maya, Marvelous Designer, Mari, & Nuke.

Tally Youngblood

So, last term I got to work on a fun project in my Visual Structure class at Gnomon. I read Scott Westerfeld’s first installation from his series, The Uglies. Myself and another student from class teamed up and chose two moments from the book to interpret and turn into 3D images.

I was responsible for some prop modeling, fire fx, lighting, shading & compositing.
Texturing by Christian Olan-Geddes.
Model & rig provided by

Here’s some process work:

Color Studies
Color Studies

Modeled & Simulated leather jacket


Tally Youngblood

(image #2 coming soon!)