I’m reading this article for my Overview of VFX class titled, “An Evening in the Classroom” by Miss Taylor. She sat in on a painting class with Harvey Dunn (a famous painter from the late 1800s, early 1900s) and wrote down the things he said. I’m going to leave some of my favorite quotes here for future reference, since they really resonated with me. Funny how some things never change, even after 100+ years.

You don’t emphasize the wrong word, if you want to be understood.
Neither should you emphasize the unimportant in painting.

You’ll never “think up” an idea. We confuse ideas and thoughts.

Don’t be subtle. Be obvious. Be brutal.

The Law of Light: Where light doesn’t enter, there is darkness.

Pictures are mediums of expression and if we are interested they become more interesting.

When you add “interest” to a picture, you take interest from it.

Don’t be negative! You look for what’s wrong in your pictures. Look for what is good. Then make everything come up to that. Be positive!”

Take something obvious and present it unusually and dramatically.

Smart guy, that Dunn.